CFCs and Ozone Depletion


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Climate change is the most important concern for the world in the 21st century. Since the second half of the twentieth century, the world has experienced a number of changes that can be attributed to climate change. Climate change results from increase global warming which is attributed to increases emission of green house gases that destroys the ozone layer.  Depletion of ozone layer can be described as two distinct but closely related observations. First, there is slow but steady decline in the total volume of the ozone layer found on the earths stratosphere which has been observed since 1970s.  It is recorded that the ozone layer has decreased by 4 percent for every decade. Second, there is larger but seasonal decrease in the stratospheric ozone covering the earth’s Polar Regions which has happened during the same time period (Benedick, 1991).  The latter is regarded as ozone hole that plays important role in regulation of the world’s temperature. In addition to these two common phenomena, recent studies shows that ozone depletion is complemented by troposphere ozone depletion events which mostly takes place in the polar region surface in spring.