Cause of Poor Productivity


The assignments are divided into parts.
Par1:20 marks. Expected to write not less than 250 words.
The question is as follows.
What are the issues on performance management in your organisation
that affects productivity ? Based on your newly acquired knowledge and
skills explain what would you do to improve the situation.
Bare in mind my organisation is the department of Seychelles police
and am a police officer


There are different factors that lead to poor performance at the department of Seychelles Police. One of these factors is stress and fatigue. According to Olujinmi (2005) stress and fatigue remains two major cause of poor performance for employees working in stressful environment like the police force. This is mainly contributed by working for long hours due to poor scheduling and personnel shortage, family and financial problems, health problems, and others. Another factor leading to poor performance of the police officers is lack of skills to cope with the changing landscape of crime committed using modern technologies. A fourth factor is poor relationship with the local communication which affects intelligence gathering. The last factor that leads to poor performance is lack of enough resources to carry out their duties.