Case Study | The main issue of law is whether the element of intention and consideration was fulfilled to make the contract enforceable.


Assignment Two: Case study (30 marks)

Students will be provided with a case study and be required to address two legal questions using the four step process. The assignment will require students to solve the legal issues arising in the case study by explaining and applying their knowledge of the legal principles and rules arising in the Australian legal system. A vodcast explaining the four step process has been posted to blackboard (under the ‘Assessment’ tag) to assist students in completing this assignment.

Please note that the information contained in the course materials (the text book, lecture materials and case summaries on blackboard) are sufficient when completing your assignment. It is not necessary to research beyond these materials for the purpose of completing the assignment.

Word Limit

The assignment should be a minimum of 500 words and not exceed 2500 words. Please provide a word count on your cover sheet. A penalty of 10% will be imposed for every 100 words that exceed the word limit. The assignment will not be assessed if it exceeds 3500 words and will result in a ZERO mark.

Assignment Two must be submitted by 1pm WST on the Monday of Week 11 (8 May 2017).

Students’ grades and feedback will be provided by way of a rubric available on My Grades on Blackboard.


There are different elements that make a contract, among them the intention to enter into a legal agreement and consideration. The element of the intention to be bound means that the two parties must show intention to enter into a contract for there to be a legally binding contract.   The presence of element of intention provides the evidence that the two parties had a discussed and they agreed on with both making intention to be bound by their discussion. The party must prove that the intention exists and this intention must be judged objectively. In judging whether there was a valid intention, the court looks into the circumstances surrounding the discussion of the contract, especially the conduct of the parties involved.