case study


Shifting or refining the market could strengthen Pure Blonde’s competitive advantage by catering to changing preferences and tastes. Offering an element of differentiation can also allowa brand such as Pure Blonde to cater to a consumer group’s specific needs which are not being met by competing brands (Dumovic and Knowles 2008, 5). Focusing on the attributes of the target segment as opposed to offering a broad, across the range brand, allows Pure Blonde to successfully attain customer loyalty and brand resonance.

Redefining Pure Blonde as low-carbohydrate as opposed to premium has several advantages and disadvantages. Firstly, Pure Blonde can benefit from the recent health-trend in projecting their brand as a healthier option. In addition, as the female segment emerges, Pure Blonde can benefit from those wishing to consume a light-weight option. In regards to disadvantages, placing a marketing emphasis on the low carbohydrate feature may deter consumers looking primarily to purchase a higher class option as these consumers are more likely to purchase a brand focused on quality.


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