Case Studies


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.    Employee benefits are considered as an entitlement for their membership in companies.  As the workplace dynamics changes and organizational success is based on the competitiveness of the workforce, organizations have integrated benefits as part of employee motivation strategies. One of the reasons why employees regards benefits as an entitlement is because every other organization is offering various benefits. Organizations offer the most attractive benefits package to attract employees, making it an integral part of the employee’s offer. Second, most states have legislated laws that require every organization to provide some basic benefits to the workers in the course of their employment contract. For example, most countries legally require all mothers to be given maternity leave, and some even extend paternity leave to husbands. The enactment of labor laws granting employees minimal benefits makes mandatory for organizations to observe the legal provisions while employees perceive the benefits as their legal entitlement. Lastly, stakeholders are today aware of the ethical obligations of business organizations.