case management


Be sure to pick up any brochures about the agency that will be helpful in fulfilling this assignment.
Write a 3-4 page paper based on your interviews which will contain at a minimum the following topic headings:
• The mission of the organization and client population
• The history or development of case management services currently provided
• A typical day or week
• Purpose and effectiveness of using case management
• Primary roles and functions of case manager
• Process of creating a case management plan
• Current trends and challenges in case management
• Background, knowledge and education required or appropriate for an effective case manager
• Improvements which could be made to make case management more effective
• Similarities and differences between the two settings
• Personal insights you gained from these interviews. Spend some time on this one. It is very important.
• Mention the first and last name of the person you interviewed as well as the name and location of the agency.


I did choose two agencies that I wanted information from which is:Ms. Dale Wang, case manager Community Relations of the Westchester Jewish Community Services. This is a non-profit, non-sectarian human service agency dedicated helping people of all ages, cultural and economic backgrounds cope with psychological, environmental, physical, social, cognitive


Ms. Kerry Hardesty, Development Coordinator of Family Ties of Westchester. Provides advocacy and support services to families of children with emotional and behavioral difficulties.
the questions I had in mine to help with my paper is
• What is your organization’s mission statement or philosophy?
• Tell me about the level of training, experience, and required credentialing for employees providing services to individuals.
• What are the natures of challenges faced in the human services field? And how do you handle them?
• At what point should one decide to refer a client to an agency?
• Does your agency have experienced and professional employees who train new employees or provide mentoring?
• What procedures will employees implement in a crisis? Explain.


the books i am using is for references if needed is Generalist Case Management by Woodside McClam


Case management is an integral part in the running of organization. It involves the process of assessment, planning, facilitation and advocacy for provision of services to mitigate a social of health problem.  Case management is mainly carried out through effective communication and utilization of resources available in order to promote the most cost effective outcomes. (Peter, 2001) In advocacy for social issues like individual health, care management should be more focused on provision of personalized service which is centered on the needs of the individual through screening, planning, delivering, and evaluation of the impact of these services.