Carrefour company


Carrefour industry analysis: Your industry analysis should focus on industry trends and on the firm’s competitive environment. Feel free to adjust the outline below in the most meaningful way. The important point is to cover all essential areas in a clear and concise manner, and to highlight the main external strategic issues the firm is confronted to.Suggested outline
A. Title Page (but no table of contents)
B. Executive Summary (key findings; maximum 1 page)
1. The content shall not include any company history.
? The purpose of the executive summary is to inform the reader of the key elements
contained in the paper.
C. Industry Analysis
? Relevant industry trends (e.g. segmentation, costs / technology aspects, competitors,
and main government/trade regulations) with implications for the firm performance and
? What are the most noticeable changes in the industry environment?
? Strategic Group Map
? Attractiveness of the industry using the Porter 5 Forces model (i.e. analysis of forces’
strengths, changes in forces’ strength, etc.)
o Remember Porter’s analysis is an industry-level (not firm-level) analysis.
o Who are the firm’s present/future customers? …competitors?
? Key success factors in the industry


Carrefour Company operates in the retail industry. The retail industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world with major multinationals claiming a stake in the industry. It is a multibillion dollar industry that specialized in the distribution of consumer goods and services. Being one of the fastest growing industries in the world, it has attracted many entrants although there are many barriers to the industry.  In the recent past, technology changes and the global economic crisis have affected the operations of the industry.  However, most retailers have shifted from cost containment to focus on growth with easing recession. From the Porter’s strategic analysis, the retail industry still remains one of the most attractive for the new entrants although it also comes out as one of the most challenging industries to operate in because of competition, threats of substitute, and power of suppliers and buyers. The industry serves a wide range of consumers with little industrial segmentation. There are critical factors that retailers should consider for success in the industry.