Cardiovascular Systems/Cardiovascular Physiology


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Purpose: To understand the working of the blood vessels.



Activity 1: Microscopic Structure of Blood Vessels


Observations: Sketch your slide in the space below and label the structures indicated in the procedure. Be sure to include a description of the structures you observed on the slide






  1. Describe the three layers of the wall of an artery.


The three layers of the artery include the intima, media, and adeventia. Intima is the inner most layer that comprise the artery wall.  It is a thin wall lines that lines the artery wall with endothelial cells successfully separating blood flow from other layers of the wall of artery

The media is the middle and the thickest of the three walls (Wright, 1993).  Media contain strength mechanism like smooth muscles, elastin, and collagen.

The last layer, Adventia is the outermost layer of the artery wall that mostly contains collagen.  Adventia provides form and strength of the artery wall.