Capstone Task


For this task, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of the four-step problem solving process and the organizational architecture (congruence model) by answering 10 essay questions.
Tip: Try to include examples from real-life in your responses as much as possible. This will demonstrate your ability to transfer the concepts learned in the course to an external context.
Your Deliverable

Download and complete the template below. Your answers to the questions should be thorough, containing as many details as you find necessary to completely illustrate the knowledge you have acquired in the last five weeks. Each response should be approximately 1-2 paragraphs in length. Do not forget to present examples that will allow your faculty member to verify your level of comprehension of the concepts.

Download Capstone Task Template
Suggested Approach

* Review the course materials, particularly course pages that cover the 4-step process and the congruence model.
* Look at the tasks you prepared and keep in mind the feedback you received from your faculty member when you are answering the 10 questions.
i will upload all graded task for all 5 task

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PART 1 – The 4-step problem solving method


  • In reviewing the 4-step problem solving method in MO, you have seen that the definition of a problem for an organization depends on the level of areas affected by the problem. Based on this, answer:
    1. Why can the definition of problem be relative? What constitutes a performance gap?

The definition of a problem can be relative in the sense that there is no clear or set definition of a problem in an organization.  A problem encompasses different aspect of the operation of an organization and can involve different departments in the organization. Therefore a problem can be relative depending on the situation it is defining.