Capstone project | Report Conclusion



2016 1

Case study brief:

Your team works for a large consulting firm. You have been contracted as an external management consultancy by the designated company. The company is reviewing how it does business. Your team needs to research the company’s performance and provide professional recommendations on how the company can manage in today’s uncertain, dynamic and globalised business environment.

Each team must prepare a presentation and report for the designated company, making recommendations.

Your presentation and report must include the following:

  • Company background:
    • Mission, vision and value statements
    • Goals, objectives and strategies
    • Organisational structure, using the 6 elements of design
    • include an organisational chart, and details of senior management team
    • Financial performance


  • External forces:
  • Describe the forces in the external environment that are impacting both directly and indirectly, and creating both challenges and opportunities
  • Is this company responding effectively to the uncertainty these forces create
  • Recommendations
  • Leadership:
    • What management competencies do you consider to be most important to this company?
    • Describe the leadership style of the CEO
    • Is it appropriate to the organisation, its goals and the industry?
    • Evaluate the strengths & weaknesses of this style
    • Examine whether an alternative style may be more effective
    • Recommendations
  • Organisational structure
  • Review whether this company is mechanistic or organic
  • How appropriate is the structure, and would an alternative structure would be more suitable?

Your presentation and report must also include 2 of the 4 following areas:

  • People management (Human Resource Management):
    • What are the worker skills and competencies required by this company?
    • How does this company attract these workers and is this effective?
    • What is the retention and turnover rate? Can anything be done to improve this?
    • What forms of compensation and benefit does the company offer, and are these effective?
    • Recommendations
  • Organisational culture:
  • Describe the Organisation Culture by applying Schein’s typology, and other relevant material.
    • Assess the impact of this culture on the organisations strategies, leadership and workers and other key stakeholders.
    • Justify the relevance of the culture and where relevant, develop alternative culture
    • Evaluate whether you think the culture suits the environment and whether there are any issues.
    • What changes would you make to the culture, and how would you go about this. If you believe the culture is relevant and effective, what could other businesses learn from this company? How can other business create this type of culture?
  • Change management:
  • Has the business undertaken any change programs in the previous 10 years? Analyse the success of this change program.
  • If you have determined the necessity to improve or adapt the business in any way, explain how you would go about doing this. Identify the challenges you would face. Explain how you would deal with these challenges
  • Ethics, corporate social responsibility and sustainability:
  • Review the CSR and Sustainability policies of the business. Examine the level of ethics displayed by this company. Does the business live up to their vision and values?
  • Do you consider this company as “ethical”. Justify your answer

Further instructions:

Groups will consist of 4 – 5 students. Groups are formed and allocated their company and presentation date in week 3. Each group is required to work through this brief, and present their evaluation of their case study company using the four functions of management.

The time limit for the presentation is 20 minutes. It is to be followed by a 10 minute Audience Question & Answer session. Students should provide a copy of any visual aids, such as powerpoint, to the tutor before commencing the presentation.


The presentation will require students to critically analyse the management issues in their designated company using the academic literature from a variety of sources. Avoid the temptation of simply “describing” the company, or summarizing what you have read. The group’s recommendations are expected to demonstrate advanced knowledge of management functions and consider such issues as the forces in the external environment and other challenges.

A written report will then be constructed and handed in during week 11.


Over the recent past, the means of doing business around the world has become very dynamic and fluid. Business organizations must keep abreast with this dynamism if at all they wish to remain competitive, effective, profitable and productive in the long run. Companies must constantly keep evaluating their performance in order to be able to manage today’s environment of uncertainty, dynamism and globalization. This report focused on Instagram and offered a critical analysis of the company giving recommendations on how the company can weather the aforementioned challenges. Instagram is an online social networking platform that offers photo and video sharing services. Its objective is to allow people to bring their sound and vision to all corners of the globe and give users an opportunity to experience their friends’ lives as they happen through photos and videos. It also seeks to allow people see the moment taking place in the world thus expanding cross-cultural knowledge.