capstone( 2 parts entrepreneur and hotel design)

only highlighted parts in file Capstone_FINAL_version_2011-11-01_0.docx need to be done:

e. Business Planning/Entrepreneurship

Present a concise and professional Executive Summary containing all information the investors could reasonably expect.

Demonstrate business feasibility and sustainability with financial cash flow projections and income summaries over a relevant period of time clearly showing and overview of income streams and expenses, when the project will become profitable and when cash flow becomes (and remains) positive.

Prepare a non-financial business risks fact sheet considering legal, insurance and any other risk issues.

Prepare a fact sheet containing an organisation chart of the key people and departments involved in running the project with brief descriptions of their responsibilities and annual budgeted salaries and any benefits you intend to offer.

Demonstrate your ability to visualise and sell the concept and present it in an enthusiastic, interesting and memorable way whilst remaining professional.


g. Hotel Design/Design and Managing Buildings

Present and explain an overall architectural structure, a schematic plan and a design proposition for the hotel. Your proposition should support the business objectives, be aesthetically attractive, provide an efficient workplace for employees, assure safety and security, inspire customers to consume and maximize the human experience. The requirements are:
Conceptualization of the project. e.g. Type of hotel, number of rooms, facilities, amenities, unique characteristics, technology for the building, views on the environment
Determine the main architectural elements and visualize your proposition. e.g. building form, materials. (Useful links on Moodle)
Planning and design criteria. e.g. accessibility, circulation, arrival, rooms, environment, functions, zoning, sizes, reception, lobby, all facilities/amenities and lodging with visualization.
Create overall schematic design plans for the master plan and for the different levels of the building. (Example schematic design plans on Moodle)
Visually illustrate the direction of interior style which you are pursuing by making a mood board for the lobby, a restaurant, the spa and the guestrooms” (Example mood board on Moodle)


De Luxe Hotel will be one of the leading food service establishments in XXX city. It will be introducing new menu items in addition to the existing ones.  De Luxe Hotel will also improve on the current cuisines of XXX city.  The Hotel will be located in XXXX building in XXX city.  Owing to its location, the hotel will serve a myriad of customers   from office workers to travelers.  The hotel will serve more than 350 customers a day and this figure is poised to increase later.  The hotel will be a sole proprietor business owned by (Your Name) who has a degree in XXXX from XXXX University.  At the beginning, the hotel will require $950,000 to start and operate for the first three months. About $350,000 will be savings from the proprietor while $60,000 will e a grant from parents to be repaid after 5 years with not discount attached.  De Luxe aims at becoming the leading food establishment in the country by 2015.  In order to achieve this growth, the hotel will have to maintain a gross income of $30,000 to $50,000. The hotel will aim at making monthly sales of $400,000 and $500,000. While the level of competition is higher in the market, the hotel aims at achieving a market share of 30% at the beginning.  All the employees of the hotel will have a minimum of certificate qualification in hotel operations.