Canadian Indigenous Education


The essay must include a works cited (bibliography) and absolutely cannot be plagiarized.

– Must discuss the historical existence of the Canadian Indigenous education system or the prevalence in the Canadian society, starting from before European colonization
– Must discuss the teaching taught to students and the educational material students must learn. Also discuss the requirements of the teachers, if any.
– Furthermore, must discuss the current or modern educational efforts that take place in schools and other places where education is taught for the Canadian Indigenous population.

– Must use sources that are peer reviewed.


The history and existence of the Canadian indigenous people of Canada has been identified as a topic of great interest. The aboriginal people who are the main proportion of the Canadian society have been highly overwhelmed by various problems which is associated with arrival of the foreign settlers. This has widely influenced their culture, education and their economic status. The scrambling of their land by the European settlers has been a great challenge to the indigenous people. This phenomenon has greatly influenced their nature of operations and more specifically the absorption of modern education. The Canadian indigenous education system has been very distinct as compared to other education systems across the globe. The overall rate of growth and development of the Canadian education has been worrying. This is attributed to bad economic and social state of this society. As a result of this scenario, the development of the education system has remained at the bottom. Despite that the western civilization which has been impacted among the aboriginal people has had significant impact in the education system; much is still needed to be done. Over the last century, the Canadian population has not been able to effectively alleviate the traditional education system, thus making it distinct from other global education systems. This paper will provide an explicit and in-depth overview of Canadian indigenous education.