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so i have paid for 6 pages in total.
so, first of all i want you read the instruction provided in the attached file carefully 4-5 times please. i can even pay you extra for that. cause last time one of you choose the wrong topic and went completely off and thats why i m repeating this course.
so it is a argumentative essay and in actual you have to give me two files. One is essay proposal(1-2 pages) and other is actual essay( 4 pages). i want the proposal in next 1-1.5 day and then i will mail my teacher to get feedback and will tell you to do the rest main essay if everything is approved. my final dead line is 24 nov (canada).once again i want you to choose the topic carefully and according to the instructions i am providing.
and let me know if you need some course material for the topic that are given. don’t worry about money i will pay you extra just give me a good essay. don’t worry about deadline of 3 day 24 nov is our main deadline. don’t start the main essay before i approve the proposal. And one MAIN THING — i m very weak in this communication course and this course CMNS-110 is just introduction to communication so i don’t want you to be super professional. Keep it simple and use simple vocabulary. Send me message if you need any more information. Do it according to plan and i will give you full rating and extra money


The technological advancements that have been experienced around the world in the last few decades have changedmany things in the communication arena. The use of technology has extended to social control, with surveillance cameras being used to control anti-social behaviour. Initially, surveillance cameras were intended to control burglary, carjacking and theft as well as assault through their installation in big towns and cities. Today, CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) systems are elaborately being used to stop unacceptable social behaviour in society such as cheating spouses, traffic violations, irresponsible house maidens and public urination. According to McCarron (2010),the use of technology can be a solution to vices such as uncouth behaviour, drug abuse, sexual impropriety and vandalism. He argues that since surveillance systems work around the clock, when they are installed, the general public highly expect that there will be minimal anti-social behaviors as well as criminal activities.