1. Target company is CABOT.
2. Use the simplest words. And sentences.


A sustainability report is one of the most important corporate reports that are expected by stakeholders today. A sustainability report can be defined as an organizational report that contains important information about the economic, environmental, social, and governance performance of the organization. According to Gray (2010), it is more of a transparency tool that today defines the extent to which an organization can balance its pursuit for profit with the welfare of the stakeholders. It shows the commitment of an organization to improve its commitment to sustainable practices. Originating from the 1980s, sustainability reporting has grown in tandem with environmental awareness in the world, especially in reference to companies like those operating in sensitive industries like chemical industry that pose great danger to the stakeholders. However, there is still no consensus on the validity and important of sustainability reports. According to Gray (2010), most of the business that report on sustainability, and most of their business representative activities revolving around sustainability, have a little to do with sustainability. The sentiments are echoed by Cho, Laine, Roberts, and Rodrigue (2015) who asserts that there is still a large gap between sustainability talk and practice. The authors argue that organizations are forced to engage in hypocrisy and organized façade in sustainability reporting in an effort to comply with social and institutional pressures.