Business Web Site report


Business Web Site Review

Please read the directions and outline that appears below. This will provide you with the details that you need to research for your report. Feel free to mention other material that you find interesting or unique from this research.

Most companies today have developed their own WEB SITES. On these web sites, company representatives place various forms of information about the company that they feel will enhance the general public’s understanding of the business operation, its purpose and mission and its products and services.

What I would like you to do is find a company of YOUR choice. Then begin to research for the information provided on their WEB SITES. This is the information I would like you to research and document in your report:

1. Determine if the company lists its purpose and/or mission to read and review. If it does list this, then I would like you to report this. Put it in the report. Assess what you feel these statements say about the company.

2. Does the company make any statements about its SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY to its employees, customers, community that it resides in and society as a whole.

3. Does the company provide you with any history on its beginnings and its ownership structure. Is it a company that is set up as a sole proprietorship, partnership or corporate structure. Is the stock held in private hands or sold on the open stock market or does it expand itself by selling techniques and products in the franchise format. What is the present stock price of the organization?

4. Does the company outline for you any other companies that it owns. Does this company mention the opportunity for mergers in its future. Or does the company mention anything about changing its existing products or service lines or expanding into new fields and why it hopes to do so?

5. Does the company mention anything about updating its employees for various training and development sessions so that the company can remain current or ahead of technology in its field of expertise? Does the company mention successes or failures with union-management relations in the past or its future endeavors in this field?

6. Does this web site just promote the company name, its history and general information or does this web site also promote the product and services that it offers for sale? Does this web site give people an opportunity to order directly through this web site or does it request people to order through other traditional formats. Does it promote an effective electronic commerce program for ordering products over the internet?

7. Does this company mention its competition or how it plans to remain competitive by offering new products or services?

8. Does the company have a Human Resource section that mentions job opportunities, salary and benefits that this organization pays?

9. Is this a company you might be interested in working for someday? Do you already work for this company? Do you know anyone that has worked for this company?

This outline of general question seems long, but you will see that many of these WEB SITES are very well prepared and have this information outlined for the general public to learn about. This is what I want you to review and assess.

Do you feel the company is ready for the 21st century in providing information to people through the internet? Are you more familiar with this company now than you were before? What information did you learn from this research? Do you have a different view of this company or its products/services? What information could be provided by the company that you feel they have omitted?

Good luck with this company review. In your analysis of this company, please provide me with the WEB SITE address so that I too can go and review this material on the internet.

Please submit a report that is a minimum of three (3) pages and maximum five (5) pages in length. Check your spelling and punctuation. Submit your material in standard paragraph format. Please put the company name at the top of your report.

Be certain to spellcheck and grammar check your report BEFORE submitting. You may use the on-campus or on-line


With the advent of information technology a number of things are now possible. Things that people will dare not think about in the past. Technology has led to the progress of many developments almost in all sectors of economy and society. In medicine, technology has led to machines that monitor the recovery of patients. In security and criminology, technology has given the security and law enforcement agencies an upper hand in bringing the criminals to book. In business too, technology continues to bring forth some practices which a number of organizations have adopted thus achieving a competitive edge in market. Technology has had to play a key role in marketing.