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  1. The word limit is 2,000 words – this is the maximum word limit.


  1. You are required to reference all legislation, cases, secondary sources that you have used to answer the assignment. There is no set referencing style required, but footnotes are preferable to ‘in text’ referencing.  (If you would like guidance as to a referencing style, you can refer to the ‘Australian Guide for Legal Citation ‘AGLC’ – available

Note however that you do not have to use the AGLC style, as long as your referencing is consistent throughout your assignment. Words, case names/case citations and legislative references in footnotes are not counted in the word count. However, you must not place substantive parts or central parts of your answer or argument in footnotes.


  1. If your answer requires you to show substantial calculations (e.g. half a page), showthese in an appendix/appendices to your answer and refer to these in the text of your answer. Appendices are not counted in the word count. Small calculations (e.g. two or three lines) should be incorporated into the text of your answer (or in footnotes at the relevant part of your answer).