Business Software


Assessment Brief:

According to their website, OPERA myFidelio is an online distribution software by MICROS with
which you can market your hotel on local, regional and international travel markets. Some of its
claims are that the system works 24/7 and has the potential to expose your hotel to over 500,000
travel agency terminals worldwide to websites such as Expedia and through
Alternative Distribution Systems (ADS).
Similarly, the Amadeus Airline Retailing Platform claims to offer a comprehensive range of
solutions which are designed to meet an airline’s specific sales & distribution needs. Its specialist
portfolios contain a range of distribution solutions to enable and enhance tailored distributional

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Software Analysis Task:
You are required to research one other online hotel distribution software and compare its
attributes to OPERA myFidelio used in Australia. You also need to research one other airline
distribution software and compare its attributes to that of Amadeus. You may make the
comparison based on distribution channel sub-topics such as:
• Channel design
• Channel effectiveness
• Services offered
• Claims
• Software role
• Website
• Any costs information
• Achievements
• Current customers
• Virtual tour
• Electronic commerce theories
• Useability and any other relevant comparisons based on distribution channel theory
You need to present the information in a report format. Inclusion of information in tabular form
is recommended.


Technology has permeated all spheres of life, most important in the business intelligence sector. Today, software provides avenues for airlines and hotels to interact with customers. This study compares different software used in hotel and airline industry.