Assignment instructions

Informing business stakeholders of research outcomes is an important step in finalising the research process.  This can be achieved through many mediums, such as, a brief report, one-page snapshot or infographic on the key findings, or through an oral presentation.  For this assessment, your partner and you will be required to develop a snapshot brief relating to one of data sets (research studies) for consideration.

The snapshot brief should include:

• a brief overview of the research study;
• a review of the research objectives;
• demographics snapshot of the research participants;
• key findings for each proposed objective (demonstrating the application of a number of statistical techniques);
• final discussion and/or recommendations; and
• a professional design and format.


A list of resources that are relevant to the assignment task is provided on Blackboard [Assessments folder].

Marking criteria

To perform satisfactorily in the assignment, consider the following:

• 1,500-word limit for this assessment. 
• The design and format of your snapshot brief must be of a high standard (that is, considered acceptable in a professional environment). You should consider: text format, colour, design style, text style/size, quality of graphics and tables, spelling, grammar, etc.
• Demonstration of analysis techniques and the interpretation of data findings.  This includes applying the correct statistical techniques for the question(s) under investigation, including both descriptive and inferential analyses, as well as identifying key-findings relevant to the study. 
• Proof read your work before submission, as marks will be deducted for an unprofessional or unedited briefs. Please keep a back-up of all your work as there will be no extensions for ‘lost’ work.
• This assignment is worth 40% of the overall mark for BUS3100 and will be assessed using the mark sheet below. Students should take the time to read this mark sheet carefully to see where the marks will be allocated. Marks in boxes indicate abilities in relation to each assessment criteria but does not represent a numerical score. The final grade achieved in this assignment will represent the overall achievement in each assignment in relation to all assessment criteria. Feedback is usually provided within 2 weeks of submission.


Globally, the challenge of increased temperatures and there is scientific evidence supporting this claim. Increased temperatures result from global warming caused by environmental pollution. Use on non renewable energy sources such as crude oil has been noted as one of the major cause of global warming (Murray, 2012). Global warming is caused by emission of greenhouse gases which are mainly emitted in various industries such as transportation, electricity production, and industrial activities. The main aim of this study is to investigate the individual homeowner living in the South West region of Western Australia regarding their perceptions, attitudes, and beliefs toward global; warming as well as the factors that influence consumers to buy solar panels. To achieve this research objective, a quantitative study was conducted and quantitative data gathered and analysed.