Business Project Proposal – Starting a Tobacco Business in Australia


1.      Project definition and objectives

This project is conducted to assess the possibility of opening up a liquor store in Sydney or any other location in Australia.

  • Aim:

The main aim of the project is to open a first shop here in Australian market.

  • Goals/objectives:
  1. To carry out a market research on Australian liquor and tobacco
  2. To research laws or rules for opening a liquor and tobacco retails business (licensing)
  3. To research on taxes for importing liquors and tobacco and important tax regulations on running a liquor and tobacco retailer in Australian market.
  4. To estimate the significant costs for opening a liquor tobacco retailer business through analysis of financial statement of existing liquor businesses.


Project Proposal – Overview

This assessment aims to begin the planning process and to encourage creative thinking in developing and designing the final project report.

There will be an opportunity for the student to gain important feedback regarding the selected project which will eventually form part of the major assessment.

The project proposal is made up of an individual written report outlining the intended project

It is important that you begin the process of selecting a project early. Once a project is selected, the writing the proposal may be undertaken.

The written proposal should contain secondary data (e.g. academic literature, business reports, industry journals etc.) which highlight and complement the selected project topic.

Individual Proposal (written) – Requirements



business topic

Succinctly summarise the issue you are exploring, show why it is important and what you expect to achieve in your project.
Background information Provide sufficient background information to the business and/or situation for reader to understand the context of the issue being explored.
Situation analysis Provide a summary of the relevant situation. For example, a discussion of relevant internal business factors impacting the organisation.

Individual Proposal (written)– Marking Criteria




Develop a project proposal:  Identification of business topic and background information. 20%
Analyse and interpret secondary and/or primary data:

Range of reference used to develop the paper and review of the literature.

Apply frameworks to analyse the situation/issue faced by the firm: Situation/issue analysis. 25%
Apply theories, concepts and constructs to the situation faced by the firm: Proposed theories, concepts and constructs. 15%
Clarity of communication: Superior overall paper style (e.g. easy to read, good flow of thoughts, interesting and well written) and layout. (10%) 10%
Clarity of communication: Referencing and paraphrasing 10%
Schedule of proposed work:

Individual Proposal (written) : Submission requirements

—1,500 word limit  excluding  reference lists, charts, tables and appendices


—Due in First quarter Week 7


—Hard copy along with signed cover sheet and Turnitin Originality Report should be submitted to SGSM Client Services no later than 6pm on the Week it is due


— Allow for 24 hours Turnitin turnaround time

Progress Report – Details

The progress report will provide evidence that the student is progressing towards the completion of the project. Such evidence will consist of an updated schedule and discussion of issues arising from the project.

The progress report must demonstrate either a favourable comparison between original plan and actual progress OR justify why the plan has not been achieved and include evidence showing how the project will be completed by the due date.

The progress report must include (but is not limited to) the following components:

Summary of progress Provide a summary of the current status of the project including the progress made towards completion of the project


Information about issues and/or updated plan Provide information about to any issues arising from the plan to complete the project. If the progress has fallen behind the original schedule, provide information detailing a plan for how the project will now be completed on time
Updated  schedule Provide an updated schedule showing progress towards completion of the project. Include any deviations from the plan
Summary of progress: 40%
Challenges and issues faced to date 30%
Schedule update


200289 BP Session 1 Powerpoint v1.1








  1. Project definition and objectives. 2
  2. Background information of XCX pty ltd liquor tobacco. 3
  3. Situation analysis. 3
  4. Literature Review.. 3
  5. Theories, frameworks and their applications. 3
  6. Data resources and completion plan. 4
  7. Conclusion. 4





Business Project Proposal

1.      Project definition and objectives

Definition – it is a startup for business to open an liquor and tobacco shop in Sydney or anywhere in Australia .

Objectives: to open a first shop here in Australian market.

How to achieve this goal/objective :

  1. Market researches on Australian liquor and tobacco (industry analysis on major company and competitors, market shares, popular liquor and tobacco products, consumer group characteristics on liquor and tabacco such as age, geography, preferences factors etc.)


  1. Lega laws or rules for open that liquor and tobacco retailer business (licensing)


  1. Taxes for importing liquors and tobacco and important tax regulations on running a liquor and tobacco retailer in Australian market.


  1. significant costs for opening a liquor tobacco retailer business


best way to find answers or information through analysis on the financial statements or cash flows statement on one of the biggest liquor business and tobacco retailers to demonstrate what are the major expenses are within the industry. (looking at an ASX listed company is better to find reliable sources)



2.      Background information of XCX pty ltd liquor tobacco

Briefly summarize the important information related to the XCX company in china from aspects of inventory turnover process, and the core customer groups with the other factors such as business’s  strengths and weaknesses.


3.      Situation analysis

Describe a scenario to illustrate the relevant core issue in relation to tobacco and alcohol business.

Possible solution:

e.g. (How can the traditional retail industry keep up with the era of rapid technological development?

Solution: Electronic information marketing sales, e-commerce platform, electronic customer pre-sales and after-sales service (mobile software marketing, etc.)


4.      Literature Review


5.      Theories, frameworks and their applications

Various analytical models and strategies, self-analysis SWOT,

Resource Based View Theory

SWOT Analysis Framework

PEST Analysis Framework

Root Cause Analysis

Value Chain Model (choose 3 of them to discuss )



6.      Data resources and completion plan

Marketing strategy –

Marketing model to promote the liquors

7.      Conclusion