Business Project | Literature Review, Methodology & Conceptual framework


Assessment Title A2 – Lit review, methodology and Ethics
Task Description
Assessment item 2 — Literature Review, Methodology & Conceptual framework
Due date: Friday Week 6; 9PM AEST
Weighting: 30%
Length: 2,000-2,500 words
Your report should include the following:
From Assessment 1 (corrected based on feedback and any further revisions from the completed project):
Proposal Working Title

Project Description
Research question(s)
Actions for Assessment 2:
Literature Review
Methodology–you will be working with secondary data. This means you can use existing literature, published
reports, publically available data (statistical, demographic, visual)
Management of data and ethical responsibilities


Researchers have investigated the adoption of social networking platforms by organizations and its utilization for a range of objectives. The surveys offered empirical evidence of success in the utilization of social media by various types of companies in the service consumer products sector.  For example, Vij, and Sharma (2013) showed in a survey that 30% of Fortune 500 (F500) companies by 2010 had corporate public engaging forums in form of Facebook fan page and Twitter accounts. In a framework of the same nature as Vij, and Sharma’s (2013) for adopting online interactive platforms in small and medium enterprises, Pentina, Koh, and Le (2012) demonstrated that adoption of social networks marketing in small firms is in a big way influenced by social impacts from consumers, competitors, and specialists. Tsimonis and Dimitriadis (2014) showed that business people in the Arabian Gulf utilize online networks as a component of the “Integrated Marketing Communications” since it is less costly and simple strategy of marketing and offers many business people an alternative opportunity of communicating with the prospective customers thereby making their businesses successful.