Production And Management System | Business Process Mapping


Assessment Item 2 – Research Topics – 20% – due by Friday, April 22, 5pm.
Using the lectures and resources supplied in this course, answer the following 3 questions. There are several parts to the questions so make sure that you address them all. Provide detailed answers with specific examples from businesses that you know.
You are required to use diagrams attached as appendices to support your answers. In addition, ensure that you use journal articles to support your answers in parts B and C.
Make sure that your answers are in your own words and NOT copied from the lecture slides.
Question A (300 – 400 words approx)
Trading Companies, Manufacturing Companies, Service Organisations and Hybrid Organisations are examples of different types of businesses.
Discuss the features of these 4 business types and give specific examples from businesses that you know.
Describe the common commercial functions of these businesses and give examples.
Question B (300 – 400 words and 3 mapping examples)
Describe the 3 different types of mapping examined in this course and discuss their purpose. How you would gather the information that you required and what would the mapping process tell us? Using each of the maps, provide an example of a process that you have mapped from a business that you know. Attach maps as appendices.
Question C (300 – 400 words)
*Use 2 external sources and reference using APA 6
Discuss how we can use Process Analysis to identify and address the strengths and weaknesses of our business. Give examples of the different types of performance measurements and show how this information can be used to make strategic decisions.


Process improvement

Relationship maps

Cross-functional process maps