Business Plan (Riyadh Java)


I will choose the same writer (ID2731) who wrote the paper which I need to edit. The part no.3
(Operations / Financial Plans‏)

This what I need the writer to edit according to my supervisor:

‘Your work process is exemplary:) Thanks a lot for sending your work.

In the Operations Plan you should include a GANTT chart to reflect the steps you need to take until opening. The Financial Plan needs some text to discuss your calculations, e.g. in which year you will break even. Please also show your revenue growth and P&L over three years, which includes a growth projection.’


For efficient operations, the business will be divided into different departments. Each department will be headed by a supervisor and will be expected to play a specific role. However, all the departments will work in tandem with each other to make a complete business. The business will have three main departments including management, production, and service.  The following are the main departments:

  1. Management Department

The management department will be responsible for the management of the business.  The department will be headed by the proprietor who will serve as the director and the Chief Executive Officer of the business.  The main functions of the department will be coordinating the activities the business in order to ensure that there is a smooth operation. This department will become more pronounced when Riyadh Java starts to expand from the first coffee shop.  The management will also dumb-up as the human resource department which means it will be responsible for hiring all new staff and appraising them, in addition to preparing the payroll and handing the business accounts.   The department will bring together supervisors of the different departments.  The management department will also be responsible for the procurement and marketing roles initially but after the expansion of the business, these roles will be handed over the respective departments.