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Assessment 2: Preparation of Business Plan

This is part two of the development of your business plan. In this assignment you are expected to draw upon assignment1 your research and analysis. In this part you need to focus on your market entry and growth strategies and how you mobilise your resources to launch your business.

Marks will be awarded as below:

o Consistency/originality of market entry strategy 15%

o Consistency/originality of market growth strategy 15%

o Comprehensive identification of operational issues 15%

o Comprehensive and accurate financial projections demonstrating viability20%
o Comprehensive identification of resources required and financing15%
o Identification of material risks and their mitigation 10%

o Overall presentation, grammar/spelling, referencing 10%

*Important note: All financial information provided in your business plan needs to be accurate and clearly justified. Marks will be awarded for the thoroughness of the business plan, not for the profit-making potential of the business idea. A profit projection, breakeven calculation, monthly cash flow forecast and balance sheet are required for year 1. You must provide details of the assumptions on which these are based.

Whilst you do not have to follow any precise format, a specimen business plan format is provided in the core textbook (Burns, P. 2014 New Venture Creation: A guide to entrepreneurial start-ups, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan SBN: 978-1- 13733289-9) and will be explained in class. Specimen business plans are readily available on the Internet. However, be warned, do not copy the content of on-line business plans. TurnItIn will reveal this and it is an academic offence that will automatically cause you to fail this assessment.

Assessment criteria and grades are outlined in the following grading grid.



The business idea of mine is opening an online takeaway food order web, it provide an online service playing as an agency between independent takeaway food restaurants and customers. This business plan states its target market, comprehensive market analysis, competitors and its competitive advantage.