Business Model


Please see attached. I need sources dealing with an example hospital In Atlanta Georgia and supporting sources based out of America. Please use American English. No sentences starting with therefore, foremost, etc.


The healthcare sector is arguably the most crucial sector in any country. It is worth noting that the healthcare sector is divided into various groupings composed of different healthcare facilities. Each of these facilities comes with its own characteristics pertaining to magnitude, size, as well as the services that it provides. In Atlanta Georgia, one of the most recognized healthcare institutions is the Atlanta Medical Center. This healthcare center is managed by a board of directors that is headed by William T. Moore, who was installed on February 22, 2012, as an ex-official member of the Board. Other members of the Board include Kwanza Hall, Brian Leary, Catherine M. Woolard, and others. Mr. Hall is a District 2 representative on the Atlanta City Council and also a Director of Business Development for MACTEX Engineering and Consulting Inc. He also serves in the Boards of a number of community organizations. Mr. Leary serves as the president and CEO of Atlanta Beltline Inc. He has previously served as the president of the Atlantic Station located in Midtown. He also serves in the Board of several organizations. Ms. Woolard serves as the executive vice president of Global Advocacy and External Relations (for CARE).  She has also worked for various Human Rights Campaigns and in U.S Peace Corps.