Business Leadership


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The increasing number of corporate scandals involving top CEOs and managers points out that corporate America is devoid of the most indispensable element of leadership, character. This is evident from the decade’s worst scandals like Enron and the recent one involving Madoff. The leadership in the corporate sector has failed the character test in the preceding years, which should form basis of future makeup. The leadership of founder of the Grameen Bank, Dr Muhammad Yunus should serve as an example of corporate character that is concerned with ethical dealings. In the year 2006, Dr. Yunus and Grameen Bank were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, because of his determination to step up the struggler for a poverty free world (Yunus & Weber, 2008). Grameen has given many people unshakeable faith in the creativity of man, and a leadership character that inspires the population to venture in business rather than scare them from investment.