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task. advantages of care  in Australia


Advantaged Care Australia is one of the highly ranked aged care givers in the country. The company focuses on residential care for the aged in the country with branches in different corners of the country (Advantaged Care Australia, 2016). The company was started by Laurie Kresner after seeing the poor conditions of the aged facilities when his aging father required one (Advantaged Care Australia 2016). This motivated Kresner to come up aged care services that will enhance excellence in the market. The company is driven by the need to pursue excellence in built environment, people and in care. The value of excellence can be seen in the services that the company offers in its facilities which have received numerous awards for their quality of services. The company is listed in the stock exchange and as such invites thorough scrutiny of its services and products. The Australian population is aging and the company is faced with pressures of having enough facilities and spaces that will cater for the high demand of its services. The report looks at how Advantaged Care Australia will cope with the expected high demand for aged care services and enhanced competition in the next 5-10 years.