Business ethics Case Study



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In the recent past, the need for business to operate ethically became more pronounced as a result of growing consumer awareness (Gibson, 2011). The 21st century consumer is more aware of ethical issues facing business,   and is therefore likely to evaluate a business on the basis of how it conforms to these ethical issues. Most businesses are faced with ethical dilemma because meeting their ethical obligations means making some sacrifices that threatens their base line (Guest, David, and Woodrow, 2012). Therefore, businesses have to make hard decision on how they have to meet their ethical obligations and at the same time maximise the value of their shareholders. When faced by an ethical dilemma, a manager has to make many considerations about the impact of different alternative, but the best decision should always be that which makes the organization to appear ethical to the stakeholders (Robin, 2009). It is a delicate balancing act that should always tilt on the side of ethicality.