*Please refer to Business Ethics – Case Study 1 – Marking Rubric for further requirements
of Case Study 1*
Please explore uploaded links on BHP’s deadly dam collapse on November 2015, in
Bento Rodrigues, Brazil.

Case Study 1 – Questions (2,000 words)
*Please use Chicago 16 th Referencing Style*

1. Briefly explain the ethical problem(s) in the case study.
2. Also explain how do you face this ethical problem as a shareholder of the BHP
Billiton? Compare and contrast utilitarian, deontological, and virtue ethics and
discuss their relevance in explaining your situation.
3. Identify, explain and justify an ethical perspective that you think would help provide
a solution to the problem – you may want to use a combination of ethical
You must answer these question either as an essay or as a report.
 Do some additional research on the detail of the case
 Use journal articles to support your arguments
 You might want to combine two perspectives – but take care to make sure they are
compatible. You must make some good arguments that are supported by the


Business ethics are the principles and standards that establish acceptable manner of doing things in the business environment. The extent to which a certain behavior is acceptable is determined by government regulatory bodies, consumers, interest groups, competitors, and the general public, as well as every person’s private moral values and beliefs (Ferrell & Fraedrich. 2015). According to consumer and social ambassadors, organizations must not only produce profit but also put into consideration the social impacts of their activities. Most basic ethical issues have been set as laws and guidelines that inspire businesses to adhere to community’s values, principles, and attitudes. At a bare minimum, business leaders have an obligation to follow these guidelines and regulations. Many litigation matters come up as choices that society considers unethical, unacceptable, or otherwise irresponsible. The case study of Samarco dam collapse presents ethical problems that the company did not address thus leading to the disaster that claimed lives and wanton destruction of property.