Business Ethics


Ethics in Practice Case
Read the assigned case. The paper should be at least 1 double-spaced page, use correct grammar and punctuation, and follow the Modern Languages Association (MLA) style.
• Explain the central facts in the case.
• Explain the assumptions you are making based on these facts.
• Explain the major ethical issues in the case.
• Identify the stakeholders in the case and explain their stakes in the issues.
• Answer the questions at the end of the case

Please follow the steps and identify each answer.


  1. Explain the central facts in the case.

In this case, my friends confide in me of a job offer but wants it to be kept a secret otherwise the current job status will be risked. I have a moral duty of keeping the secret. On the other hand, I am a friend to a senior secretary and the secretary expects me to know about my friend’s job offer.