Business Communication


3015LHS Trimester 2, 2017
Assignment (40%)
Due Date: Tuesday 22 August 2017, Week 8.
Please hand in a hardcopy of your completed assignment on the due date to the
lecturer on the day. If you wish to hand in your assignment before the due date, you
can drop it in the lecturer’s Deborah Cao’s letterbox in Building N56.
Task 1: Write a reply in English to a potential customer’s inquiry (15%)
Context: Your company is based in China and produces sporting equipment for both the
domestic and overseas markets. You have received an inquiry letter from an Australian
company interested in the range of products on offer by your company. Please write a reply
to the inquiry. Your letter should be based on real-life situations, containing company names,
addresses and details of products as close to real life as possible and should follow the
format and rules of business letter writing, as explained in the lectures. The length of your
letter should be around 250 words.
Task 2: Write a short essay, in English, about your own experience and understanding of
business correspondence, especially relating to international trade (25%)
Context: If you have had some direct experience in international trade, you can write about
how useful business correspondence has been in your experience. If you have not had
direct experience in international trade, talk to someone who has, and write about how useful
business letters are in conducting international trade, keeping in mind the types of
correspondence we have learned so far, including inquiry, offer, counter-offer, placing an
order as well as the tone and language of business correspondence. You may also reflect on
how information technology has transformed business communication, such as the use of
email and e-commerce. Your essay should be no less than 400 words and no more than 500
Assessment Criteria
You must respond appropriately to:
(1) Register (language used for a particular purpose or in a particular social setting) –
formality and politeness
(2) Organisation – clear and logical
(3) Style – concise and clear
(4) Content – relevant and complete
(5) Format – business letter format for task 1.
• The completed assignment must be printed on A4 paper.
• You may ask your teachers specific questions such as where to put the dateline,
but you may not ask them to go through drafts of your assignment before you hand
them in.
* You are reminded that you must not plagiarize, copy each other’s work or otherwise
cheat. Your assignment must be your own independent work. Penalty will apply for cheating.


The company is happy to receive an inquiry from your club and to hear that you are interested in the range of sporting products that the business can offer. We are an international company that manufactures and distribute a range of sporting products. We supply sporting materials to different countries and clubs in various parts of the world. The company would have no problem with constantly supplying you with boots, jerseys, track suits and other sporting materials as requested. The company is in a position to provide all sizes, designs, and branding, but we request for one month notice before a change in design or branding.