business analysis

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Use the same data that was used in Assignment 1 which is the SWEETS-4-U data for the previous year which consists of 52 weekly values of the sales and costs for the two popular product lines namely Forgive and Rejoice.

These two products are both wrapped chocolates sold by weight. The only difference between Forgive and Rejoice is that different messages are attached to each type of chocolate. The Forgive chocolates have messages like “Sorry”, “Forgive Me” and “Trust Me” and the Rejoice chocolates have messages like “Celebrate”, “Have Fun” and “I Love You”.

The 52 Sales and Cost values for both types of chocolate are given in SWEETS-4-U.xls.

The Sales manager for SWEETS-4-U is worried that the sales for Forgive are less than the firm has budgeted for. In the business plan the firm had assumed that the average weekly sales for Forgive was $600. If sales are less than $600 then the firm will have to increase its advertising spending to try to increase Forgive sales.

(You can use Excel or your calculator for