Bulgarian White cheeses


We have a project for Bulgarian White cheeses sells to the US market. The White cheeses coming import to New York, and than we need to sell to Chicago. The average age from 30-49
Please searching the all information from the web, the Bulgarian white cheeses is not brand, just to sell to the US market, I can give u a example as your reference.
1: SWOT Analysis (use your own opinion and searching the information from web.
2; Searching the laws of packaging from the White cheeses.


Bulgarian sheep cheese is considered one of the best in the world. The white sheep cheese (Sirene) comes with a host of major health benefits and remain a choice for most health conscious consumers.  Owing to its high quality and health benefits, this cheese is likely to become a choice for most consumers in the US market once the product is introduced in Chicago considering that most of the consumers here are conscious of their health. The main brand that will be imported is Kashkaval, which is one of the leading sheep cheese brands in the market.