building and sustaining learning networks


Write a report that: a) identifies several sources and stakeholders that your firm can use for generating and sourcing ideas for new products/processes; and b) analyses and discusses several strategies that your firm can develop and adopt for exploiting the creativity and knowledge of these various stakeholders.

Sources may include: customers; competitors, suppliers, partners, distributors etc

Strategies may include: surveys, brainstorming sessions, learning practices such as workshops, seminars etc.

Please read the case study titled “building and sustaining learning networks” , as it can help you to better understand and generate ideas in terms of how a firm can develop a learning network for generating and sourcing innovative ideas for new product and processes from a great variety of stakeholders.


The concept of organizational learning in the achievement of competitive advantage is well recognized.   Learning is not a one time activity but it should be considered as an ongoing process that is aimed at leveraging a process of continued cultivation of a learning culture. Organization learning concept has led to creation of the concept of a learning organization.  A learning organization is an organization that has adopted learning as a cultural practice. Organization learning ensues that employees are continuously being updated on the developments in the industry.  Therefore, organization learning is an important ingredient of the competitive nature of any organization, especially for technologically driven organizations. In this regard, firms that are able to attain to create, store and apply knowledge often have an advantage over their counterparts who rely on the traditional and outdated methods of management. One aspect that researchers have focused on is how the knowledge can be created in an organization. This paper focuses on the ways in which knowledge can be created, transmitted and implemented in an organization.