Budweiser Beer Direct Marketing Campaign


İmagine you are the marketing manager for Budweiser beer in the U.S.Your challange is the opposite of Guinness. America beer drinkers are loyal to a particular brand when drinking at home, but are not particularly selective when drinking in a bar. Budweiser drinkers tend to always purchase Budweiser for home consumption,but at the bar,they often choose whatever beer has a special price or promotion or whether their bartender suggests. You have been assigned the task of increasing loyalty and consumption of Budweiser at local bars in New York. You have decided to put together a DM campaign to accomplish this goal.Answer these questions:

1.Create and describe a marketing campaign designed to increase Budweiser consumption at local bars. Make sure you include the following info.: campaign goals and objectives, target markets,description of the promotion/campaign, offers to be promoted and how you will track and seasure the results. Make sure to describe how this campaign will achieve your goals and objectives.

2.What media will you use to advertise your campaign? You must have at least 3 different media. Be spesific and provide an explanation of why you chose each media. Besides traditional media outlets, are there any other places you will promote your campaign?

3. For each media you chose, describe the creative you would develop. What layout or format would you use to attract attention and interest? What images would you use? Any interactive mechanisms? What is the offer and call the action?


Goals and objectives

  • To increase by 30% the number of consumers of Budweiser in local bars within a period of 6 months
  • To reach more than 5 million consumers through advertisements within 6 months
  • To increase sales of Budweiser brand in local bars by 30% within the first 6 months

Target market

Target market is important for any business since it helps to make tailor made strategies to reach them. This marketing campaign will target patrons in local bars. This will include all male and female patrons above 21 years of age who patrons the local bars. The characteristics of this target market is that they patron the local bars frequently, mostly at least thrice per week. However they are not able to make decision on which beer to buy in local bars and therefore choose other brands rather than Budweiser. This marketing campaign will therefore be aimed at encouraging them to choose Budweiser when they order for beer.