BSA 411 Learning team Assignment

The Learning Team project for this course, due in Week Five, consists of a 10- to 15-page plan and presentation of the methodology of business system analysis. The plan will include the following information for a real or hypothetical business situation:

Problem identification, introduction and background, which includes the following:

  • Identification and description of a business situation that has been justified for selection of one or more of the three types of business analysis situations (getting what you do not have, getting rid of what you do have, improving/changing what you have).
  • Check list to assure completeness of the analysis
  • Definition of project management success factors
  • Identification of how to get organized and where to start

Methodology description, key features, and associated tools. Include the following:

  • Key methodology components and features
  • Expectations of the methodology
  • Deliverables from the methodology
  • Steps in use of the methodology and how they relate to the project life cycle
  • Methods or tools to implement the approach

Barriers and risks in applying the methodology. Include the following:

  • Previous research
  • Unrealistic project components
  • Ignorance of corporate culture
  • Logistics and time lines
  • Impact from type of industry
  • Economics
  • Conflicting goals and priorities
  • Non-information service influences
  • Resource limits
  • Tool and talent availability, or unavailability
  • Distribution of power
  • Ongoing sponsorship

Mitigation of risk imposed in application of the methodology. Include the following:

  • Cost benefit
  • Net present value
  • Least-cost alternative
  • Cost/economic analysis
  • Decision evaluation matrix
  • Risk analysis

Approach to use of the methodology in decision-making and analysis delivery. Include the following:

  • Tangible and intangible benefits
  • Feasibility of the technology, human resources, financial, and organizational impact
  • Recommendation(s)

Monitoring and evaluation. Include the following:

  • Procedures for handoff to development and implementation teams
  • Schedule for post-implementation audit
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