BP Oil Spill


The written Report
The required format of the written Report is provided in a Word document Business
Issue Report template available in the Assessment folder in Blackboard and also
attached to this Guide.
In completing their report each student must respond to the following points:
 Interpret the relevance of the issue to the study of business and society
 Outline how the issue impacts on stakeholders, – for example business
management, unions, employees, government, citizens
 Offer a critique of how the media has presented the issue, for example do you
detect a bias towards a likely outcome or solution to the issue?
 Hypothesise on a possible outcome on the issue, (what does the student
believe is likely to happen about the issue?).
Quality of your written Report
The written Report assignment provides you with important insights and guided
feedback from your examiner about your research and writing skills.
To assist you to adopt appropriate business language the University provides you
with an aid entitled “Structuring your essay”. This document suggests typical words
and phrases that you can adopt to help you introduce sections, build and argument
and adopt a style appropriate for an argumentative essay. This aid can be found at
http://www.uq.edu.au/student-services/learning/structuring- your-assignment
The text of your paper must be 1,500 (+/-10%) words. The font is to be no smaller
than 12 pt. (either Arial or Times New Roman) and margins are to be 2.54 cm
margins all around. Paragraphs are to be 1 ½ spaced with double spacing between
paragraphs. Text beyond the limits will incur a penalty. Appendices are not included
in the word count. Be careful that the point you make in the text by using an
appendix, for example a graph or a table, is clear and that, in combination, the
appendices are clearly presented and logically consistent. Referencing is according
to the AMJ style, Academy of Management Journal (AMJ). References must be
from a minimum of 15 high quality English language refereed journals. References
are not included in the word count.
Assistance with writing reports
This course has a heavy assessment focus upon written examination and written
assignments. Students with LOTE are strongly advised to seek support with
assignment writing and checking of assignment submissions. Support can be found
through UQ Student services and the Institute of Continuing & TESOL Education
through their Conversation Club. Most of the assistance available is offered
intensively during the first 5 weeks of the term.
See http://www.icte.uq.edu.au/conversation-club for more details.

Student Services runs a number of information sessions that are useful for research.
Specialist workshops are also available on Essay Writing, Case Study Writing and
Report Writing. They also provide online modules.
See https://library.uq.edu.au/training
Submission of written Report
The Report is to be lodged electronically. No hard copy is to be lodged. No BEL
assignment coversheet is required.
The electronic document is to be lodged in TurnItIn via the BlackBoard site. The
submission of a copy through TurnItIn is for the several purposes of checking
originality (plagiarism), to provide detailed feedback to students and to approximate
the reality of the modern, largely electronic flow of internal communications.
Each Report is to have a coversheet containing the usual information identifying the
student, Course number and word count, plus the title of the Report.
Late submission: In accordance with UQ policy essays submitted after the
deadline will be penalized 5% for each day late

Evaluation and marking
Assessment of the mark to be awarded to the individual student is based on the
quality of the information presented, the quality of the analysis and the standard of
the written and oral Reports and the contribution of their individual contribution to the
Group oral presentation. Each member of the group needs to make an equivalent
contribution. Students who do not contribute to the oral Report will not be assessed
and will receive no marks for the part of the presentation in which they did not
The written and oral Reports will be evaluated and marked against the following
Marking Criteria. There is a significant body of evidence that students who fail or
who are awarded only a low mark also fail to read and apply the information
contained in the criteria to the development of their assignment.


According to the systems theory, business organizations do not operate in vacuum because they are in constant interaction with the surrounding environment. This means that a business organization cannot operate in isolation without considering the impact of its operations on all stakeholders.  Different from the classical model of business operations in which the sole reason for existence of a business was to maximizeprofitability for the stakeholders, the contemporary business models definethe obligations of the business to different stakeholders (Shrivastava, 1995).   The media plays an active role in redefining the role of business because it helps to project the image of the business to the stakeholders.   The case of BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is a good example of how the media plays an active role in protecting the image of a business to the different stakeholders and perhaps redefines the response of the stakeholders to the business issue at hand (Barker, 2011). This study will explore the issue of BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, how it affected the different stakeholders and how the issue was presented in the media.