Book Review and Report – The Hiding Place by ten Boom

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The Hiding Place, a book written by ten Boom together with John and Elizabeth Sherrill recounts the horrors of the Holocaust during the Nazi regime’s invasion of the Netherlands.  The novel narrates how the ten Boom family took it upon themselves to protect the Jews by hiding them in their house. They however paid the ultimate price as they were jailed and Betsy lost her life in the prison.  The ten Boom family stood for justice and preached love to all people. Instead of harboring hard feelings, they felt sorry for the Nazis because of their hatred towards others.  The book therefore encourages the reader to have the moral courage to stand for what is right and justice for all people despite the differences they may have with them.


The Hiding Place is a book by ten Boom written together with John and Elizabeth Sherrill, which narrates the experience of the ten Boom’s family during the Nazi era.  The book’s protagonist is Corrie ten Boom, a member of the ten Boom family, who is imprisoned by the Nazis together with her family members for hiding Jews. The novel recounts the horrors of the Holocaust, showing how even the innocent suffered in their efforts to protect the Jews.


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