BoltBus Company


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BoltBus is Greyhound’s curbside, express bus service. BoltBus operates primarily in the Northeast between major hubs, with some other service in the Northwest. This clip covers how BoltBus reaches its target markets through advertising, promotion, and social media. After viewing the video, write a paper in which you address the following questions:

1.Who does BoltBus consider to be its core consumers?
2.How does the company use the knowledge (of who their core consumers are) to decide how to market BoltBus?
3.Which type of product advertising does BoltBus use?
4.Does BoltBus use consumer sales promotion? If so, what is the primary promotion they use?


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BoltBus is a company that offers bus transportation services, with its headquarters in Dallas. The company operates in different states, mainly targeting to transport customers from one state to another. The company operates 92 buses that transport about 2 million passengers a year. BoltBus has a lean team of about 200 employees, which helps to drive down the cost of operation and therefore offer tickets at a lower price. In the competitive sector, the company has maintained its competitive edge by integrating technology and operating a business model like an airline to suit the needs of its target customers.