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Question: Write a sentence each on the most important impact that each of these five developments will have on media and communications and on society: virtual reality; augmented reality; new models/forms of interaction design; robotics and artificial intelligence; ubiquitous or ambient computing (otherwise known as the internet of things). You need to think deeply and concisely, based on the materials for this week. Obviously you need to write five sentences. 


Virtual reality helps the media and communication people to explain a certain aspect in details evoking empathy and allowing the audience to visualize the story. Augmented reality enriches the real world with digital information and this will enhance in production of High Definition videos and games in future (Shouse, 2005).  New models/forms of interaction design will allow people to directly interact with new forms of technology and the media being produced will have an aspect of direct interaction with the audience. Robotics and artificial intelligence will make communication t be computerized and majority of media and societal works will be conducted by robots with minimal interactions with the humans. Ambient computing will make investigations in media simple and less costly, it will enhance communication as it will be easy to detect a person near you and will enhance security in the society as buildings will detect unwanted persons near it (Gregg, 2005).