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We very often think of digital and networked media and communications somehow taking us away from the more usual “material” or even “real” world. However, as they extend their reach back out from online networks, into material processes in the world at large (for example in augmented reality or the internet of things), some people think that they are returning to the world at large. In 100 words or more what would you say are some of the ways that we are now moving beyond online networks to new kinds of media and communications interactions that are more directly engaged with the material world


The growth and development of online media network has seen people become more directly engaged with the material world. One way to look at this is creation of interaction groups that share the same ideals and characteristics in the society. These groups engage one on one using their online networks and arrange on how they can help each other (Warfield, 2014). For instance, a group of cancer patients can form a discussion group in social networks where they can engage and plan weekly or monthly physical meetings. Online networks has also seen a situation where a seller and a buyer are brought together leading to a direct engagement during the sale process. Connection of a taxi driver and a passenger is also done using online networks which ends up in direct engagement in material world.