Bikinis by Jen


Product: Online sales bikinis, maybe in the future move in to small boutiques.
Bikinis: I need material, specific textures, employees, colors, how to pay for all of this.
Activities to promote product.
About customers needs.
Don’t emphasized selling.
Why customers want it.
How and Where use product.
How is it different from competition.
Price vs Cost
Advertising (when and how)
This bikinis will be different from regular, they must be extravagant, colorful and exotic. This business will start at home, being my grandmother the person who makes them, designed by me. I will do my selling online, through social media like Instagram and Facebook creating my own page Bikinis by Jen.


In the recent past, the demand for women products, especially clothes and apparel has increased tremendously in the world. The increase in demand for women products is associated with the financial independence that women are enjoying today and the fact that women are more likely to spend than men. Under wears and inner wears tend to be the most demanded women products presenting a good business opportunity for many entrepreneurs (Kotler & Armstrong, 2012). The bikini market is growing at a tremendous pace making it ideal for many companies and individuals to venture into. Bikinis by Jen will be an online bikini sales business with an intention of opening small boutiques in future.