Bending reality to your needs (matrix) (law of attraction)


Essay. Sources should consist of these books: a).jung and the new age by David tacey b).social psychology by Ann L. Weber c).living zen by Micheal Paul. Look more into different forms of meditation

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Human beings display different feelings, likes, and dislikes. With the main of maintaining order in the society, the law is formulated to govern conducts displayed by individuals in different situations. Even though laws play a significant role in ensuring order in the society, in some instances, humans beings bend the laws with the aim of fulfilling their needs. Many laws practiced in different society are formulated from realities taking place in a society thus the earlier mentioned statement can be reframed to bending reality with the objective of meeting one’s needs instead of plain fully putting it like bending the law to meet our human needs. The law of attraction supports the best argument that can be put forward to support the raised argument.