Benchmark – Theoretical Foundations of Change


Write a paper of 1,250-1,500 words that explores the theoretical foundations of organizational change. Include the following in your paper: A discussion that assesses the factors that contribute to the organic evolution of change. A discussion of how to formulate strategic development approaches and to identify models and interventions of change leadership. An evaluation of change models. Which models best facilitate organizational adaptation while maintaining a high level of follower commitment? A discussion and evaluation of the leadership and management skills necessary to implement a model of continuous change that facilitates organizational adaptation and ensures follower commitment. A discussion of how to gather and analyze data to determine the most efficacious timing of change.

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The evolving nature evidenced in the contemporary society has facilitated a change in demand and the urge to develop new products and service for the members of the society.  Following the change in demand, many businesses have been forced to alter their mode of operation to realize a competitive advantage over other business premises offering the same products. Different levels of integrated ways in which a business enterprise realizes changes are called models of organizational change. The act of embracing changes within an organizational setting is vital since it helps the organization remain profitable and effective in the long-run. Aiming at realizing an effective change within an organization this essay will provide an insight of theoretical foundations of organizational change that enables an organization to operate effectively.