Be an Ethnic Food Sleuth!


I decided to the Indian Grocery Store as the ethnic food store, ACME as the supermarket.
1. Recognize the availability of traditional ingredients & foods of different cultures
2. Compare the cost & availability of ed ingredients & foods purchased at a supermarket & ethnic food store
The paper should include all the 7 activities:
1. either a supermarket or ethnic food store for exploration.
2. Upon entering the store, identify yourself to the manager or person in ge to tell them the purpose of your visit & to ask permission. Be sensitive to the fact your behavior of walking around & writing things down may be threatening & unwelcome.
Most store managers or shopkeepers are usually welcoming (especially if you buy something…) can be sources of information useful to your assignment.
3. Examine your store in terms of these categories:
• Produce (fresh fruits & vegetables)
• Frozen foods
• Canned foods & convenience mixes
• Dried foods e.g. rice, noodles
• Sauces & spices
• Bakery
(Exclude ingredients or foods primarily of Northern, Central & Southern European origin when you are in a supermarket.)
How extensive is the scope of offerings in these categories?
What items appear to be traditional ethnic ingredients or foods? When you find an unknown food, attempt to find out what it is & how it is used – your textbook is very useful for this! Consider the fact that many ethnic ingredients/foods are now part of the “American diet”, e.g. salsa, so focus more on the unusual.
4. One way to explore ethnic food availability is to find an ethnic recipe to make & then go to the supermarket or ethnic food store to purchase the ingredients.
5. List ingredients/foods & include cost & identify ethnic group. You may want to divide your list into those of unknown ethnic origin & Americanized ethnic. Ethnic foods may be produced outside the U.S. & imported or they may actually be produced here in the U.S. Those foods/ingredients produced in the U.S. may be very traditional or may be “Americanized”.
6. 2 ethnic foods or ingredients & compare availability & cost in another store, specifically a supermarket.
7. Observe the store customers. Indicate how these customers compare to the community in which the store is located. If there are no or very few customers present in the store while you are there, ask the manager/shopkeeper about his customers.
Information about the demographics of the community are often now available on-line as well as from the local library.
Is there any evidence (e.g. quantity of food items, foreign language signs, etc.) of the store catering/serving a specific ethnic group?

The content should follow the order of
•Name of store & location
•Description of store
•Discussion of customers & community
•Ethnic foods available – categories, scope
•Comparison of 2 items
•Discussion of your reaction to this exploration & to your findings, especially identification of what you learned
Please review the Evaluation to check if the paper missing any information.
the reference should use “American Medical Association”


Name of Store and Location

The store chosen for this exercise is Apna Bazar Cash and Carry. The store is located on 703 Newark Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 07306. It is located very close to a public transportation path.

Description of the Store

Apna Bazar Cash & Carry is a well stocked grocery store that is located at the heart of an Indian community. The grocery operates many stores within New Jersey in places like Dayton, Journal Square, Edison, Jackson Heights, Jersey City, South Brunswick, and many others. By any standard, the company cannot be considered a small store but more like a chain store operating within Asian dominated neighborhoods. The stores are conveniently located for easier access. It is stocks a variety of grocery items, mainly from the Indian ethnic community. It is one stop shop for all South Asian and South Indian grocery needs. The store has one of the largest varieties of authentic Indian groceries, including fresh and dried foods. In addition, it also offers health and beauty items like antiseptics, detergents, healthcare, skin/hair care, soaps, talcum power, tamarind, tooth paste, and others.