BDP topic: creating a marketing company in east Africa Rwanda


This is a business development plan, I am looking to invent a marketing company in east Africa in Rwanda. I am looking at not less than 13000 words, i need a complete work with as many research resources and tools at a masters level, please find attached the format that needs to be used. The financial projection need to show the break even point and used the pounds currency. The company will operate from a rented place but the equipment of the business will be provided by our selves. This is a business that deals with development of marketing campaign and act as a consultancy company advising companies on how to renovate their brands and products.


Marketing consultancy is a service oriented industrial sector. Marketing consultancy aims at providing business with consultancy services, especially on the field of marketing and brand development. The relevance of marketing consultancy has grown over the years as the business environment becomes more competitive with Internationalization and the growth of home businesses.  Although most businesses have a marketing department, they require consultancy services in brand development and repositioning mainly because they may not be in a position to harness the expertise required in this field. They require an expert who will research on their brand, compare it with the rest of the brands and consequently come up with a recommendation revamping the brand. In addition, most organizations also require marketing consultants when developing and introducing a new brand in the market.