BCOM/275 ++A Week 3 Learning Team Debate Paper Outline (Should Marijuana be Legal in the United States?)

Resources: Debate Paper assignment requirements located in Week Five.

Create a thorough and detailed outline for the Debate Paper that will be used to write the paper.
Include all references to be used in the paper.  Make sure to have a complete outline.  The more detail and references to prepare for your paper, the better.

One team member should submit in the assignments area.

THIS OUTLINE FOCUSES ON: Should Marijuana be Legal in the United States?

Contains Introduction Paragraph

Thesis Paragraph

Conclusion Paragraph

For Legalizing Marijuana

Against Legalizing Marijuana

Covers Pros and Cons related to:

Health Risk


Message to Youth



This Essay Outline Tutorial is very details making is simple for your team to materialize an A grade essay.

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