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In his article on The Fading Of The Greys: Black Baseball and Historical Memory of in Little Rock, Thomas Aiello discuss the fate of early African American baseball teams  in the era of  depression  Jim Crow  laws. This article explores in details the fate of two teams, Greys and Monarchs, and how they survived the historical records owning to media coverage.   Arguing in the lens of impact of historical records, Thomas traces the fate of the two teams from the time they were formed and how they developed due to media coverage and changes in team ownership. Although the two teams were formed in a largely black community, their course of prosperity was affected by different factors including team owners and media coverage.  The author shows that the Greys, having not recorded successful wins like Monarchs, faded in the history books. However, he does not blame the team but rather shows how different factors conspired against the successful performance of the team.  From article, it is evident that the success of baseball teams in historical records, and in the minds of the people, is based on the media coverage and the success of the team.