Read the autobiography of (Lucky Man by Michael J. Fox Parkinson’s) and write a 3 page paper to include the following:
1.Why you selected this book
2.Your expectations prior to reading the book
3.A brief summary of the book (no more than 25% of the paper)
4.Primary disability related issues and/or themes addressed in the book
5.Thoughts and impressions of these issues/themes
6.A description of whether and how your views have changed as a result of reading this book.


There are many reasons why I selected this book. First, I am and have always been a fan of Michael J. Fox. I have been following TV series he has acted in including Spin City, Family Ties, and Back to the Future. I love his with and I think he will remain to be one of the greatest actors in the country.  When I heard that he had produced a memoir about his life, I was eager to know more about him and  I could not resist picking this book from the shelve.  Another reason that I got interested in his book once I read a few pages and found that it talked about Parkinson’s Disease is because I have seen people suffering from this disease and I really pity them. I got interested in reading this book to get more knowledge about the disease and how one can cope with it.