Australia National Bank and Bank of Queensland



Successful running of corporate social performance requires monitoring, determining and reporting of presentation alongside commonly accepted displays (Aranoff, 2010). The main agenda of this report is to assess the triple bottom line presentation of business within the banking industry in the Australian, with a particular focus on social and environmental performance aspects. The report further explores the connection between corporate ecological presentation and organizational environmental performance. The two banks chosen include National Australian bank and Bank of Queensland. Both the National Australia Bank and Bank of Queensland represent the major banks in Australia (Baggaley, and Maskell, 2003). The banks provide services that include credits, access cards facilities, leasing and housing among others. The two banks have taken some approaches in their decision-making process to improve the social performance of their ventures (Aranoff, 2010). Moreover, the banks have factored in the various economic drivers such as retention, recruitment of employees and motivations as part of improving the social performance of the people working in the companies (Baggaley, and Maskell, 2003).



ASSESSMENT TASK 2: Assignment [Essay]
Aligned subject
learning outcomes

K2 Synthesise underlying concepts and principles for making business
S1 Critically evaluate data and resources in the context of relevant academic
S3 Convey information clearly and fluently, in high quality written form
appropriate for their audience

Group or individual Group
Weighting 20%
Due date Due 5:00pm Wednesday 5 th September 2018. Online submission only
Essay Topic: The Role of Management Accounting in Organisational Sustainability.
In Lecture 1 of BX3172 you learned how management accounting is a decision focused and future oriented area of
study. In Lecture 6 we discussed Triple Bottom Line reporting, and its role in capturing both financial and
nonfinancial areas (social and environmental fields) of organizational performances. To illustrate these triple
performance areas, select two Australian companies in the same industry and compare their performance in the
social and environmental aspects. In your answer, discuss what you would consider the eight most helpful
performance measures (four in each of these two areas of the TBL reporting framework), and comment on their
relevance for future decision-making – both for the companies you choose, and for the community in which they
operate. The overall conclusion in your report should summarise the key points arising from your discussion and
conclude as to the relevance of TBL for the company, and for the community.
Use relevant literature and real business examples to support your discussion.
The essay is worth 20% and has a 1,500 word limit (excluding the title, headings/sub-headings and references)
and is to be completed in groups of 2 or 3 students. To successfully complete the essay students are required to
undertake a literature review and provide references within the essay to at least five (5) relevant scholarly
You should review literature from various sources, including:
1. Relevant chapters in the prescribed textbook;
2. Academic and professional journals (see list below as a starting point). Use the following libguide available
from the JCU Library website to find accounting journals and other academic references by accessing e-
journals through relevant databases:; and
3. Various books sourced via the library catalogue.
Some useful journals to search include (various other journals may also be useful):
1. Accounting Horizons
2. Harvard Business Review
3. Journal of Cost Management


Version: 2018_1
4. Journal of Management Accounting Research
5. Management Accounting Research
6. Management Accounting (UK)
7. Strategic Finance
8. Australian Accounting Review
9. Accounting and Finance
10. Australian Accounting Review
You will be required to form a group of two or three students to research and write the essay. Students will self-
select teams during the first three weeks of the semester. You will submit one essay per group.
Before starting the essay you should read over the rubric i.e. the marking criteria sheet. The essay must be typed
and APA referencing is to be used (see
The assignment (with completed coversheet) must be submitted online by the due date to a Safe Assignment drop
box on the BX3172 subject site on LearnJCU. All group members should sign and date the Group Task Coversheet
which is to be submitted with the assignment. A word version and editable pdf version of the Group Assignment
Cover Sheet can be downloaded from the Assessment link on LearnJCU. Refer Section 7 below for further
Information on Assessment and Student Support.
Working in Teams:
You will be required to work with another student to form a team. The essay is a structured activity requiring you to
write and submit one essay per group.
» Assessment Criteria and Skills Development: Assessment will be based on the criteria set out in this subject
guide and/or LearnJCU.
» Peer Evaluation Form: A peer evaluation form is used to alleviate student concerns about the contribution of
individual team members. The peer evaluation form will be available on Learn JCU and must be completed by
all students before essay marks are released. The subject lecturer reserves the right to amend individual
essay marks based on completed peer evaluation forms and after consultation with individual students.
» Team Conflict and Disbandment: The ability to “lead, manage and contribute effectively to teams” is a key JCU
Generic skill and an important skill sought by employers. Working in teams, under proper conditions,
encourages peer learning and peer support. Sometimes members of a team will not contribute equally to the
task, resulting in some students carrying the full load or the team effort. On other occasions team members
have left the subject. Should you have conflict in your team it is important to advise the lecturer as soon as
possible. If you have not met with all of your team members by lecture recess then you should also alert the
lecturer. The lecturer will retain the right (after hearing claims from students) to decide when a group should be
disbanded. In exceptional circumstances, individual assessment options are available to students only after a
concerted effort has been made to work with other team members.