ASSIGNMENT NO.1 · Subject: Sustainability in Civil Engineering. ASSIGNMENT NO.2 · Subject: Value and Risk Management


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Just like other professionals, civil engineers are faced with a myriad of ethical dilemmas in their work, which compounds their decision making(2). The ICE has provided civil engineers with a tool kit to use when deciding about ethical dilemmas they face in their day to day practice. The main purpose of the professional code of conduct is to provide standards of professional conduct and ethical behaviour that all civil engineers   should abide to (3).  This code also applies to all the civil engineers irrespective of their grade, their professional role or their country of origin. To make it easier to use, it contains the basic rules and the guidance notes on how civil engineers should meet those rules. There are six main rules(1). The first rule requires all members to discharge their duties with high degree of integrity, upholding the reputation and dignity of their profession